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“To develop well rounded successful young adults by promoting the philosophy of the student athlete”




“Promote education and health as vital to success through sport”



Sports Pathways Trust was established to develop a student / athlete model to assist youth to achieve their potential in education, achieve success in life and address inequality in education outcome particularly for at-risk youth.  The program is designed to complement the child and teenagers day to day school curriculum.

Sport for many New Zealand children can be the ideal pathway to learning. We have taken a holistic approach that considers all aspects of becoming a better person and achieving ones potential in education.

The Trust also intends to promote physical and mental health and wellbeing as essential to education and life success.


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Purpose of the Sports Pathways Trust

Sports Pathways Trust was established to pursue the following objectives:

  • Providing advice, guidance, funding, education programmes that will enable young members of the public in all sectors of the community to excel or achieve their potential in education;


  • To assist children and young people to develop leadership skills, resilience, self-confidence and responsibility through education programmes and sport;


  • Providing advice, guidance, training programmes and funding to promote active and healthy lifestyles;


  • Educating children, young people and communities regarding the benefits of physical exercise, sport and healthy lifestyles;


  • Increase public participation in physical activity to promote public health;


  • To provide financial assistance to whanau in need to enable them to participate in activities that advance education and promote health; and


  • All matters incidental to those purposes.

The Trust will achieve those purposes through the following:


  • Development of an education programme where all students will have a Pathways Education Plan;

  • Facilitating education support programmes;

  • Developing sports academies to promote health and well-being and implement the Trust’s education programme.  The Trust has established thus far the Basketball Pathways Academy and is exploring academies in other sports;

  • Develop programmes in schools to advance the Trust’s purposes and activities.



Education programme
Hoops in Schools
Basketball Pathways Academy
Steven Adams Camps




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